The scent of the forest

the silence of it

the damp

the frequent birds eager in their chirping

I am alive today

I walk in nature and this begins

the best part of a wonderful new day

I see beauty everywhere

which lets me continue to see beauty

all day long

and it smells like dirt and wet

pine needles softened in spring rain

a path with dips and crevices

low and high, a varying terrain

I’ve been here before but it’s as if

I never have

everything is new

everything is perfect

everything is easy

this is how we are meant to live

not distracted by modern demands and obligations

and tasks to-do

but at peace

at one with the earth

knowing our purpose

knowing our direction

if I take my cue from the trees

I have to ask why am I here?

They are here to stand tall

to grow

to wave in the wind

Why am I here?

What is my role?

Surely not to desecrate the earth

not to kill everything in my path

as we humans tend to do

surely not to mow down what is beautiful

in exchange for what is artificial

What is my role on this planet?

Because everything around me knows

its purpose

everything around me knows

its place

but do I?

I wonder

Spring trees flower and then the petals fall

it is such a short time that we have with

these pink and white and purple flowers

What is the purpose of its shortness

if not to show us how fleeting beauty is

how precious

how quickly beauty comes and goes

and what stays are the forks in the road

the evergreens

the circular route we travel

~ Upon hiking the grounds of Cranbrook, April 26, 2016

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