Nothing in excess was the second adage written above the door at the Delphi. The first: know thyself.

Every time I turn around, there is a lesson repeated from another tradition, all languages universal, all belief systems eternal. Be of the world but not in it. From the book on runes but it is also from Vedanta and frankly, Orthodox Judaism. And probably more.

It is a time of sowing, from which great flowers will bloom. But everything takes time. Growth. Fruit. Wisdom. Even laughter.

We argue more with the self than with anyone else and when we are arguing with another, we are arguing with the self. It’s true. Look at the words next time you hurl them. Look inside. The battle remains within; the other person a reflection.

Today I was up before the dawn, walking in the pre-dawn dark, talking about what may be and what has been, the brisk air of a fall coming and the clip of heel on pavement. We did a 2-mile circular path. We ended up where we began.

This is a time of simplification. The old and the dead are being clipped from the vines, raked into piles, trucked away. The new will not mew in their crate until spring – but spring always comes, in its bright air and fresh scent, the dew on the roof and the green of everything surrounding us. We live in the midst of life.

Soon, with the first snowfall, we will believe it is a first among firsts, a birth, a quiet, a poetic silence. And then we will grow tired of the snow, which will grow gray from so much traffic and the long lingering sigh of winter staying far beyond its welcome. We will complain, look at airfare for Mexico and wish ourselves elsewhere.

Until the spring. Which always comes.


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