Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert –

Right now, I am watching history unfold.

An unbelievable coming-together of talent and power tonight at Madison Square Garden shows e power of relationships to change the world. The 12-12-12 concert for relief for Hurricane Sandy victims epitomizes the best of who we can be, as a nation and as people.

I’ve seen Bruce live. But watching him now, singing about rising up, talking about the Jersey Shore, his home state, it has new meaning. My city’s in ruins…with these hands…

When a superstorm like Sandy blows across our landscape, we are powerless. We must take cover, we must pray for shelter and relief and rely on one another for comfort and support.

But then, we should always.

As a wealthy nation, we are not used to living amidst devastation. Our biggest problems are self-inflicted. 

This concert, though, shows the power of community, the good that can come from using one’s popularity and fame and, yes, wealth, and talent, to benefit those who cannot find a way out from the wreckage.

I usually hate the drama of Hollywood and the behavior of so many in the public eye. A coming together of this magnitude restores my faith in humanity. Makes me proud to be an American. 

Donate if you can. They’re doing more to raise the profile and resolve the problems of Sandy victims than even the government can. 1-888-465-HELP or

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