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I always said my passion was writing and if I could do anything at all, it would be to sit and write all day, every day.

So imagine how perplexing it is that a simple goal of writing one hour each day is hard for me to accomplish. What’s that about?

And then…five years ago, as the economy pendulum swung hard and journalism dried up and I fumbled for a way to earn a reliable, steady income, I created a new path: Your People LLC, my company that has blossomed and grown ever since it started.

For the first few years, I felt like I was wearing a mask, hoping no one would pull it off and discover that I was an impostor. I didn’t believe fully in my ability to create marketing and public relations campaigns that really got my clients out there – even though I was doing it, and well, and to my clients’ acclaim.

I had the hardest person to convince: myself.

I struggled and wrestled with my path, believing it wasn’t the one I was supposed to be on and wishing for a fork in the road. But then I realized, I am good at this, I do enjoy it, immensely, and I have clients that I treasure: interesting, savvy entrepreneurs who believe there are no boundaries to what they want to accomplish and who live outside the box. Fascinating people, each one-of-a-kind, and they entrust me with their hopes and dreams and you know what? I succeed with my charge, most of the time.

Recently, I had a revelation: what if the path I’m on IS the one I am supposed to follow?

I’ve come to believe that, in fact, it is. And even better, now that I’ve become more selective in the clients I accept, I really love what I’m doing. It’s easy, though steady and challenging, because it is where I am supposed to be. Better yet, this has become my passion.

Being of service, helping others, seeing creative innovative people succeed, knowing I am a part of their success, wow, what a gift.

You see, so many of us think we know what we’re supposed to do. We think we can direct the journey, steer the ship, that our conscious mind knows more than the force of the universe that’s sending us along. But you know, the wind at your back makes the journey shorter than if you’re heading into the wind.

We do better when we listen to the little voice in our heads. It’s telling the truth.

It is no coincidence that I “stumbled” into this new career path – I’m meant to be here and the minute I embraced that, well, it got easy and fun and wonderful.

Wish it hadn’t taken me so long to open my eyes.

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