Everybody Acts Out in Some Way

When you force silence, someone blogs.

When you insist upon rigid observance, someone cheats on taxes, cheats on wife, beats wife, beats children. Frequents Internet porn. Hires a hooker.

Scrutinizing an exterior can lead to piercings, fishnets, red lipstick and tattoos.

Talk about someone and they’ll never tell you a secret. Blast their business across the wire and you’ve lost a friend.

Insecurities within mount to a deafening crescendo, exploding eventually to blow the top of the mountain off. The wreckage usually falls on someone else so the mountain can keep breathing.

How do you define a friend? Someone who calls you, cares about you, doesn’t tune out when you talk? A person who is equally interested in making plans, making phone calls, making dinner and having you over to eat it?

Is it the obligation of a friend to remain, even if the relationship is one-sided? If it’s imbalanced? If there is no intellectual common ground?

The winds are hot and wild today, and everyone has a headache. The pressure’s mounting. I laid bricks to the school walls, helped build the foundation.

Look at underlying motive. Understand what makes the other person tick. Choose the people you surround yourself with wisely – even if they come with biological matching.

Every day’s a gift, and so is love. Don’t confuse conceit and selfishness with what is genuine.

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