Emotions Inform the Physical

I got sick this weekend. Again.

I won’t go into the gory details but I had to wonder why, just a month after my last foray under the covers in bright daylight, I was sick again. I’m a healthy, active, energetic woman. Young woman, damn it! I eat vegetables, hardly any meat and I work out as much as I can. Why would I repeatedly get sick?

In Awakening Intuition, my go-to guide for clues to the emotions behind illness, I learned that the sinuses become swollen when pressure and stress from the world around us descends into our lives. Huh. It said nothing about the eye infection I got out of nowhere but I prefer to see the metaphor as clearly as it comes: my vision obscured, I wasn’t seeing clearly.

And so here I am on the Monday after, antibiotics fighting with their little gloved hands, crushing the sick cells and mostly restoring me to health. My head is still a bit congested, but my sight is perfect. (Though I can’t wear contacts for a week. The metaphor extends.)

Do you do work that you LOVE? Is your life the vision you want for your life? Is there something you’re not doing that you wish you were?

I started teaching again this year and love being on college campuses, discussing metaphor and simile, line breaks and how stories flow. I am writing articles for Metro Parent magazine. But I’m not writing anything for myself.

No books (though I have 2 planned out in my head – nothing yet committed to paper). No essays (though I live them daily and know exactly how to weave the words and market the finished stories to proper outlets). No poems (though I live them daily … repetition is a sign for us to pay attention!).

Even my emails have gotten perfunctory.

I used to email with long-lost friends, in poetic lines that rushed like spring streams heading for the ocean. The words so beautiful, I’d save the emails in case I ever wanted to read them again. I didn’t, but they were there.

With my future husband all moved in, I’ve been purging rather than saving – and perhaps it’s time to start weaving the words again, telling the stories, recording the moments. It could make all the difference for my health.

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