I enjoyed being in New York for the ASJA conference, but the conference itself had few sessions that really spoke to me, a veteran freelancer (10 years!).

There was one, however, that I loved. Maybe it was the energy, maybe the content, maybe a combination of the two. It was a session moderated by Detroit’s own T.C. Cameron about successful blogging and included on the panel veteran journalist Bruce Mowday, DataOne Solutions owner Jerame Rief, Patrick Stiegman of ESPN.com and W. Terry Whalin, a writer, agent and active blogger. (Would’ve loved to see a woman on the panel, of course…)

Some take-away:
frequency is key – think volume
develop a distinct voice – stand out
blog about topics for which you have a passion
be a beacon in the storm of information

Check out T.C. Cameron’s blog post today that mentions me and this here blog. Cool!

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