At the End of a Week Like That

It’s been one of those long weeks, when I’m up before the sun and up until long after it sets and I still have a lot to get done. But it’s all good. Work is bustling so much that my company, Your People LLC, is moving into an office for the first time in my 12-year self-employed career. (Look forward to photos of the new space – coming soon!)

And I realize that the flow kicked into high-gear last summer, when I started taking life and work more seriously than ever before. Encouraged by gurus like Debbie Williamson, Seth Godin, and others, the light bulb that went on was so incandescent and simple, but powerful enough to illuminate the whole room.

Yes, I’m working the metaphor here.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned over this past year is I don’t need anything to take my life and work where I want it to go. Not another degree, not $1 million, not a high-powered nod from a person-who’s-made-it. Want my work out there? Publish it myself. Want to steer the ship to another path? Take control of the sails.

There’s never any better time than the present. Waiting just puts off the grand payoff until…well…maybe it’s too late?

I’m not willing to risk that.

So this weekend, I have client events and client work and some quiet time with my husband and maybe the art of possibility in eggs from the farmer’s market and the energy of coaching a soccer game on Sunday.

I met amazing people when I spoke about the power of blogging to build business this past Wednesday to the Social Media Club of Detroit. And I met amazing people on Tuesday, at Detroit’s Mediabistro party. (If you’re not part of these two fine organizations, you should be. Click the links.)

The power of building business – and of building a life worth living – never changes. It all rests on the ability and desire for making relationships, for celebrating the human in each of us, for seeing the poetry in what we can each contribute to the world.

Big changes ahead. Big possibility around every corner. For today, I’m going to enjoy the fact that it’s 70 degrees and dry as a pin. Have a great day. It’s the best you can do.

(Oh – and if you’re looking for more inspiration, consider attending 1 of three upcoming events featuring yours truly. Links here. And here (May 19th at Karma Yoga). And stay tuned for info on the May 15th Parenting Without a Map workshop at 5 Boro Power Yoga in Staten Island.)

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