Wrapping Up a Year – or an Era?

I hate the image circulating on Facebook of the weather forecast with every day at 40-something or 30-something degrees and tomorrow, 12-21-12, at 1250 degrees Fahrenheit and meteors colliding with the Earth. It creeps me out. It scares me.

I know the fears surrounding 2012 bringing an end to our world are silly. I buy into a separate philosophy, one that has the age we’ve known ending tomorrow and a new age dawning, the age of higher consciousness, of greater connectedness, of enlightenment and joy and love.

But that weather forecast photo reminds me how little we are in charge, how little control we actually have. We make plans, we walk paths, we work, we play, we worry, we love, and all with the hope, the belief, the dependence on a tomorrow.

The thing is: you never know. Today could be your last, or it couldn’t. 

And so, we must always, always live for the moment, make the most of every word, every interaction, give a longer hug, say I love you a lot.

It’s cliche and every time we experience a tragedy, we revert to this mode. Then we abandon it when things get comfortable again.

Maybe the world will end tomorrow. And so what if it did? Would your soul look down from its heights and say, I did all I could do, I made the most of my time on Earth?

Or would it have regret and remorse, the shoulda-woulda-coulda syndrome?

That’s the thing. Never look back. Don’t even look ahead. Look inside.

Right here, right now. The quiet space, the person beside you, the inner voice that carries so much wisdom.

That’s all we have. Ever.

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