The view from my front door this morning, January 6, 2014.

Today, my world is at a standstill.

I can’t remember a time before when this has ever happened. Everyone is snowed in, all schools are closed, including colleges, and most of the small cities in metro Detroit have declared snow emergencies.

It’s delicious.

Seriously. When do we ever have the opportunity to stop and notice the quiet? To see the crystal sparkle of more than a foot of snow reflect off the white-cold sky?

Last night, Asher and I suited up in snow pants and gloves and hats around 9 p.m. and ventured out into the still-blowing prickly snow. The night was brown with all the snow falling and city lights and there was no sound except for wind. No one was on the roads.

The see-saw is buried in the snow…

One neighbor was tirelessly shoveling his driveway. I wished him warmth and safety, and we joked about how we’d do it all again in the morning, after the night’s snowfall blanketed the driveway.

Asher and I trudged up the street just two house-lengths because the snow blew at our faces. We turned and walked another two house-lengths down the street, reveling in the depths. We ran across the lawn, the snow up to the middle of my calves, our footprints fading away as new snow fell.

Near the front door, he fell back into the snow to make an angel. I had to pull him up when he was done, the snow was so deep.

It was marvelous. Truly breathtaking. A kind of beautiful we don’t often see in our busy-ness to run here and there, and get things done.

Today, we are all home with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Even Dan. I made cinnamon French toast and an egg croissant sandwich for Eliana and coffee in the coffee press and Eliana’s looking at cupcake recipes on the iPad because what better is there to do than bake?

We’ll make beef stew for dinner and a lentil soup to have all week and watch movies and stay in sweatpants all day as the temperature drops and it becomes too cold to venture outside.

We will, in short, enjoy each other and savor the moments with the people we love the most.

What a gift, this snow day.

What a gift, the world ground to a halt, forcing us to slow down and notice the moments.

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