Last night, my aunt asked me why I blog. The undertone hinted at the idea that it is such a public forum, why wouldn’t I want to quietly journal for myself and myself alone, and not share my thoughts and views with the world.

I gave a good answer at the time but as is typical with me, this morning, many hours later, I came up with my truest answer.

Because I believe that I have a responsibility to the world at-large to contribute, to make it better, to add meaning and connection. I blog because my gift is words, and I have a voice and a perspective that others might share or argue with and that conversation keeps us alive.

I blog because I can communicate on issues of the day and start the dialogue going. I can get people thinking. I can build community through ideas.

My aunt also mentioned, after I bought the new Taylor Swift CD Red for my darling daughter, that while she’s a fabulous musician, “she’s going to get herself in trouble.”

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Well she always writes songs about relationships after they end,” she said.

I shook my head. “Anyone who gets involved with a writer must know going into it that they are fair game for songwriting,” I said. “They know who they’re getting involved with.”

My college love John always said he didn’t want me to write about him. “Too bad,” I said. “Then don’t date me.” When you date a writer or an artist or a musician, you are fair game for lyric fodder.

Writing and sharing my thoughts with the world is not a look-at-me exercise. It is an attempt to get people together and refine our thoughts and views so that we can function as one community in sync. People who are committed to making the world better can come together over ideas and make small steps toward improving our collective future.

That’s why I blog.

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