early March, Heritage Park, weekday afternoon


How can you capture the way the wind sounds

the simple tweet of a bird

as it flutters by

I walk in the woods on a cool afternoon

alone but not alone

content but not content

little pieces of ice on wood chips

Young leaves

on the path

the path looks different the angle

of the camera determines how much light

you need I’ve watched this with you before

but every time it looks different

one leaf caught in a branch

less snow this time more moss underneath and around

a man jogs by oblivious to me and with me he runs

on the ice he goes consistently

I am trepidatious with every step

afraid of falling afraid

of it being too slick too smooth

I far prefer the mud squishing underfoot

making a mess of things but knowing I can stand tall

the ice beckons and it scares me

Frozen puddle

how can I explain to you the smell of the winter air

the sound of the silence so loud and thunderous

the trees swaying the way

it smells fresh and clean familiar crunching leaves

old mud the river how can I describe it truly

so that you smell what I smell feel what I feel


I spent so many years doing what they wanted me to do

being who they wanted me to be

and now

I walk this wooded path with my camera

with my eyes open

with my words at the ready

and I finally feel alive as me artist believer

just me


The sound of the wind is like the ocean

waves like a thunderous army coming

like 12 ships heading for shore

the wind itself is such an ominous presence all around

as if I’m not alone in this forest and I’m not alone

but I feel as though there is no one in this world but me

knowing there are creatures that live here who hide when I come in

come out when I go


every time I come here I think I know all the trails

I’ve been here so many times and today I exited the park on a different path

uphill out of breath wonderfully beautiful in its dark rich soil

so worth it for a new way to look at things

a new path discovered


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