It’s as if I haven’t wanted to put it into words, so I haven’t wanted to blog. But I must.

Yoga Shelter Life Training, which I completed April 15-19, was incredible. Transformative. Inspiring. So worth it. And so challenging.

I took away so much meaning and inspiration for my everyday life. It looks something like this: Do the work for work’s sake. Have gratitude for everything and everyone. Approach everything you do with an attitude of Apres Vous, “After You.” The whole point of a relationship is to be OF SERVICE. Eliminate the selfishness. Be of service.

The day before Training, I was at Christ Church Cranbrook, listening to the pastor speak of the history of this beautiful place of worship, and hearing about stories of faith and community from a whole range of interfaith participants.

And here’s the message I took from that gathering: Your faith is your SIGHT. What you choose to see.

Faith is love and respect for all living beings. It’s not the book; it’s the voice.

And finally, my children and I have strolled through The Story Of US exhibit at Cranbrook Institute of Science twice now. Each time, I am moved by the amazing truth and clarity it took to compile an exhibit about humanity, illustrating our similarities, and emphasizing that differences are all figments of imagination. Barriers to connection. Fodder for war.

sub * sis * tence – a source or means of obtaining the necessities of life.

The range of our interactions is virtually limitless.

Relationships are the fabric of our humanity. re * la * tion * ships – the connections that bind people and communities together.

Creating bonds. Realizing you are really part of a team.

The relative inadequacy of our eyes as a lens for receiving truth. Perception is everything.

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