Time Is The Greatest Luxury, Says Arianna Huffington

How fast are you running these days?

Are your vacations even packed? Hurry up and relax? Let’s see everything there is to see so we can say we’ve seen it…and need a vacation from the vacation.

How much time does it take you to catch up on sleep? Do you ever really catch up on sleep?

So let’s look at a typical day. How much time in front of screens? How much time multi-tasking? The more you do both of these, the less likely you are to find peace.

The scientific reality of time, writes Arianna Huffington, the founder of the Huffington Post, in a recent article entitled “Time On Your Side” that appeared in Departures Magazine, goes something like this: “Physicists prefer to think of time as laid out in its entirety – a timescale, analogous to a landscape – with all past and future events located there together.”

As she notes, “there is literally both no time and all the time in the world.”

I grew up in a simpler time when our definition of time was long and winding. We played outside until the sun went down, ducking into hiding places and riding our bikes on the meandering paths that wound through my childhood neighborhood.

The school year seemed to last forever, but then so did the summer break. The older I get, the faster time seems to go. And why is that, exactly? It’s not like I’m in a rush to get to the finish line.

Perhaps it’s our adult sense of responsibility, dictating, you must do this, and then this, and then that… never-ending, always advancing. As adults, do we feel we never do enough, never accomplish enough, never have enough?

We work because we have to – or maybe we want to – or maybe we are conditioned to. Nonetheless, what would like be like if we put time first?

Delay the start to the day, make yoga or a hike in the woods or a jog in the neighborhood or a slow, luxurious swim priority over racing to work during rush hour or finishing X number of projects. What if we savored the minutes – which would look something like sipping your morning tea and reading the paper from front to back, every single word.

Something like that.

Can we even imagine it?

God, I have to tell you, the sunrise right now is excruciatingly beautiful. See how I did that? Stopped time to just notice time passing. The sun crawls up from below the horizon line to rise, slowly, ever so slowly, a big orange gleaming ball of brilliance, to the height of the sky.

You know, the sun never stops its motion through the sky. Its ascent to its pinnacle to its descent. A constant, slow, arching forward motion, no rush, just an even pace.

Out of my window right now, the clouds are laced in pinks and purples. Birds are chirping. The ground is white with frost. The naked tree branches are silhouetted against the lightening sky.

See how I did that? Almost stopped time. Or perhaps I slowed my pace to meet it.

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