I am disgusted with our elected leaders.

They won us over enough to vote them into office and what are they doing with that power? Not listening to their constituencies, that’s for sure.

I’ve never been one to care too deeply about politics. I leave that to my husband and friends who are so idealistic, they believe they can make a difference through the political machine. (Yes, I’m cynical.) I am inspired by their optimism and their dedication to trying.

Me on the other hand – I’d rather take a walk in this budding spring or sip my coffee while I wax poetic about something deeper.

Except so much hullabaloo is going on around me that I feel I must speak out.


Mr. Obama, you stopped being my President over the last few months. First, you declined to attend or send anyone in your place to the solidarity gathering in Paris after attacks on the Jewish community there. You left a gaping hole for all the world to see, very clearly stating that you do not have my back.

You and Michelle had plenty of time to make a big show of marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, and that’s nice, as I believe we should stand up for all civil rights, but you can’t pick and choose. If you defend the Blacks, why not the Jews? Is it because you can relate more to one community than another?

You see, that’s where you went wrong. If you are a good leader committed to righting wrongs and standing up for human rights, then you don’t see color or religion; you see humanness. You see your eyes in another person’s face. You see that my hand and your hand are strikingly similar. And so you stand up for people, shed of their monikers and classifications. Simply people. The right to breathe fresh air and live in peace and practice what they believe.

Everyone should have the ability to walk leisurely and without fear into their house of worship. Everyone should be able to let their voice be heard. And you are the leader of the free world – don’t you think you are the eminent example of this inalienable right that’s mentioned in our founding documents?

And this whole Hillary email snafu – how stupid is it? I mean, you knew about it two years ago and even exchanged emails with her, so to play this political game where you point a finger, tsk your tongue in judgment and tell the media to make it a big whopping deal all because you don’t like that she is likely to stand opposite you on this whole Iran business?

Shame on you. I thought you were better than that. Talk about throwing people under busses.

And while we’re on Iran, when did it become even a possibility to negotiate with a nation bent on destroying much of the civilized world? I mean, seriously! Whose brilliant idea was it to sit down at a table with the very people who want to annihilate, um, us, Israel, anyone who’s not their brand of Islam, basically the majority of the world?

Isn’t that the definition of crazy? (Both the annihilation scheme AND the negotiations.)

I’d like to see leaders who stand for something more than their own reputation. Who stand up for right and look down the menacing face of wrong and speak out whether they’re liked or not for what they have to say.

I am so disappointed that my government, arguably the most powerful government in the world and the leading example for democratic freedom, is acting so cowardly and childish. Yes, I am aware that the very freedom I have to write these contradictory, critical words is guaranteed by the government I am criticizing. I’m grateful for that, truly I am, but I surely believe that we could do this a hell of a lot better.

Power isn’t about making everyone speak your party line. It’s about elegantly leading by example and trying to make the world a better place.

It’s not about YOU. It’s about selfless service for the greater good.

If that’s our definition, I dare say that we might have a handful of politicians who fit the bill. And since we can’t kick everyone else out – and the truly noble and humble people probably wouldn’t touch politics no matter how much you paid them – we have to work with what we’ve got.

These people signed up for the job. So it’s time to do the job. Stop messing with rhetoric, playing childish games and throwing taunts. It’s time to suit up or shut up. Be the leaders we elected you to be.

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