At Cranbrook Institute of Science recently, the kids and I strolled through a new anthropological exhibit called The Story of Us. Diaramas and displays detailed the tools of life – how we find nourishment, how we warm ourselves, how we build relationships and how we believe.

In the belief section, no typical symbols of mainstream Christianity or Judaism were among the ancient and Eastern icons. So be it. Everyone needs an occasional bite of humble pie.

What caught my eye was the devotion to “Sub sis tence” and its explanation: a source or means of obtaining the necessities of life.

What do we need vs. what do we want?

That is no short answer so I won’t even try. Have you ever written a vision for your life? Merging personal and professional and striving to fulfill it? Finding a way to make your work mesh with your quality of life instead of letting it lead you by the nose, as a pet on a leash?

The range of our interactions is virtually limitless. Relationships are the fabric of our humanity.

Re*la*tion*ships – the connections that bind people and communities together. When you realize that you are really a part of a team.

Who are your players? Do they have your back when you fumble a play? Is the clock ticking down with nothing to show for it?

The sky is white this Wednesday morning and the ground is cold. I can see a perfect icicle from my office window. Last night, I slept soundless and with peace. It’s another day. Another funnel for possibilities. Another opportunity in front of my feet.

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