On Facebook, I keep reading about friends whose children have already gone back to school. In a way, I protest, thinking it’s way too soon to start the academic year.

But in truth, I would welcome the routine.

We were away so long it’s gotten hard to get back to business-as-usual. So much to do, only so many hours in a single day. I must be catching up on the sleep I didn’t get on the hard beach bed, since I usually rise before the dawn, willingly, and delve into creative, or work or just plain being in the early ‘morn.

Not so this week. Today, I woke at 7 and for anyone who knows me, it’s positively like noon!

Still. The kids are back and that’s a great thing, but wow, I surrendered to the ease of minimal laundry and minimal grocery shopping and minimal dishes to do. 

Now, the house is bustling with energy and interest and I got so many hugs. Last night was our first many dishes on a single table kind of dinner. Everyone found something to eat. And then I savored hot milk with cardamom and nutmeg with my lovely sweet daughter. 

Business as usual. What does that even mean anyway?

So now it’s get dressed, eat breakfast, and haul everyone to the office until someone picks them up for more exciting things to do on a Tuesday afternoon and then the quiet descends once again. Summer is a roller coaster of times and thoughts until the freight train of school arrives at the station.

Packet pickup is set for two weeks from tomorrow. A blessed release, even as we start the hamster-wheel all over again.

Make it a great day.

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