Storytelling: What’s Yours?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: everything that annoys us, thrills us, excites and delights is a mirror. What you see and judge in the world actually says more about you than about anyone or anything else.

We live and die by the stories we tell ourselves and others. I heard of a scuffle between two women today, a love triangle with no clear truth. Why bother? Why even engage? Someone’s living a fiction as truth and trying to pull others into it.

My children touched down on American soil after a week away – I can’t wait to see them. Almost immediately, the ex engaged in a battle of who gets them when. Really? Over a mere couple of hours, after an extended long week with them alone? Silly stories to live and die by, to breathe and hold our breath by, to fall into dis-ease so easily.

My friend Catherine wrote the other day, in the letters we carefully craft by hand and pen and send across the miles to share our lives. She lives in London, is from Ireland originally, and we have written letters to each other since 1993, when we first met. We don’t resort to email because we both know we would lose a soul connection in the process.

Immediacy has no place for intimacy sometimes.

Anyway, she wrote about how, in her retirement, she is actively involved in her school’s version of PTA. The bureaucracy and personalities, though, she cannot contend with.

It’s the same, no matter the landscape.

Every school in every country – every gathering of people in every place – has the potential for power wars and drama. And the potential for peace, harmony and love.

The stories we tell ourselves can complicate our lives or create calm.

I’ve been telling stories for a living for most of my life. Inspiring stories. Stories of awe and wonder and discovery. I’ve met people who do amazing things, who offer the world more meaning than we ever thought possible.

I’ve been lucky to be able to choose the stories I get to tell in print.

Sometimes, though, I fall prey to the stories in my head which, before I started meditating, sometimes spiralled out of control or consciousness.

So what’s the answer?

No more and no less than be here right now, see what is actually before you. 

Regardless of the conversation, the tone, the intention or the look on someone’s face, it’s a living, breathing human person holding within it a precious soul that at its core and depths, only wants enlightenment.

Think about that next time someone offers ugly words and vindictive behavior your way.

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