Every day, we’re starting over, though most of us believe there is a thread of continuity between yesterday-that-is-finished and today-that-has-just-begun. I believe that every moment is new, uncharted, yet to be discovered.

This blog post, for me, is like the very first one. A couple months ago, my blog was hacked, giving readers a warning message and scaring many away. I don’t know the root of this trespass, but I know it took great lengths to fix it and make my blog safe to read and to visit again.

And then the past is gone and the hack a distant memory.

The blog is safe again. I can tell my stories.

I’ve written this blog for several years now, begun as a way to motivate myself to write regularly and turned into a haven for thoughts, feelings and experiences. It’s a strange thing, a blog – a private journal for the world to see.

This blog, named for my dream of opening a cafe that would bring people together, has chronicled my own new starts again and again, which is why I am convinced of the truth in my first statement: that every day, we start anew. Truly.

And so today…I have the gift of teaching poetry to patients of Children’s Hospital of Michigan this afternoon and before that, meetings with clients so wonderful and interesting, it is a joy to do this work. The house is quiet – the children gone to their dad for the week – and the meals are simple.

They will return Friday for a Sabbath dinner I have yet to imagine and a reconnection I can taste. And then a calm weekend of the four of us in synergy, as always, my little sweet angels, the best gifts of this life.

Over the weekend, I discovered places I’d never known and ingested the movie, The Kids Are All Right. Did they mean the kids are fine, or the kids are correct? I love double entendre. The movie, it held enough meaning and questions and things to ponder to render it a success in my book.

And so. It is a quiet Tuesday morning with only a few birds calling out my office window. The sun is rising in layers. It will grow hot of course and the grass will yearn for water. It’s almost the dog days of summer.

But we are lucky, you know, as the world keeps spinning and the opportunities arise from ashes. Make it a good day, my friends, and please, keep reading.

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