Spring is a New Beginning

So I know it’s cold and rainy and possibly even snowy today in metro Detroit but spring IS dawning – with the launch of my new corporate website at www.yourppl.com.

Not only that – but Sunday night I had a great party of about 20 amazing women here in my living room, and the Eliana tablecloth once again commanded the crowd. Yes. I have a tablecloth named after my daughter mainly because I bought it in the throes of energy I felt mere hours before I went into labor with my delightful little girl.

That was 6 1/2 years ago and I am still laying my table with the periwinkle blue cloth made in India and decorated with red and yellow flowers. It gets comments every time Рjust like my sweet  girl does.

Life has been busy, you know. Yesterday as I waited for the mechanic to replace the brake rotors on my minivan, I pored over a family restaurant menu that offered just about everything. This was not a high-end restaurant, but I was blissful as I opened a tall packed menu that promised eggs and bacon, chicken soup, spinach pie, grilled cheese, coneys and fruit plates, patty melts and liver and onions.

I like an anything-you-want menu because life is never like that. Every day we face limits and the need to make choices. In most areas of life, I cannot even remotely have anything I want and really the menu that offers it all won’t quite deliver because you and I both know I cannot possibly ingest a little bit of everything.

But a woman can dream.

It’s the promise of sky’s-limit generosity offered up with a pickle. My daughter always wants what’s on my plate or her brothers’. I’m like that too. At 38 years old, my father laughs when I order way too much food. It’s the maybe-I’m-missing-some-fantastic-flavor, never eclipsed by the idea of being satisfied with what’s on my plate right this minute.

I am, of course.

My new website epitomizes the kind of work and style of my company, Your People LLC.

I have the three best kids in the entire world.

I am surrounded by good people, in my work and in my personal life.

I have finally found the love I always knew was out there but never held in my soft hands.

I know I say it a lot but that’s because it means something: It’s All Good. It really is. Go to your day.

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