It’s always on a Saturday morning, with the window open and an owl I can’t see but can only hear cooing his hello, that I find the time to write.

Is it that the week turns into a maelstrom of to-dos and tasks? Or that, in the euphoria of the kids returning after a week with their father, I can’t even think about putting words into eternity?

Of course it is. I used to cringe when someone said there are writers and there are doers – what do you mean? Can’t I write AND do?

Of course I can. And I do. But when I am so full in the life is happening right now moments, I don’t want to break away to record it for posterity. I want to BE in the here and now.

Which is the approach I take to business, too.

We can no more bemoan the past than belabor the future. Neither exist, silly. It is only the here and now, the what’s in front of my face that matters.

Yesterday, my children came back to me after a week with their dad. I missed them crazily and when they returned to my embrace, I was reminded of all that is good and wonderful in this world.

These are the moments that make meaning. We talk so philosophically, my children and I, that we infuse our very being-together with meaning and purpose and perspective. And they’re still only 4, 6 and 8.

In every moment, there are so many gifts, my friends. We have to see them otherwise we are fearlessly arrogant, wasting time worrying, complaining, lamenting.

Life is what we make of it. Business, too. It’s all the same. Approach each moment with love, passion and purpose and you will never go wrong.

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