Revelations by the Lake

I’ve just returned from a week in northern Michigan, with my three precious children running on the grass and at the lapping shores of Lake Michigan with their cousins. I went sailing and my eldest son dipped his legs in the cold waters of the deep lake. My little one steered the boat and charmed the captains. My daughter doted on her 9-month-old baby cousin. And we barbecued in the evenings and watched movies until well after dark.

During this reprieve, a yearly gift from my parents to me, my siblings and eight children among the three of us, a series that I wrote appeared in Here is the link.

It is a series about inspiration and reinvention and innovating our self-definitions. It is about my client, Hiller’s Markets, and some special programs that I have been fortunate to be part of. Please read this. I hope you find it as inspiring as I do.

Times are tough. But the world is not at an end. I am from a city that has for too long defined itself on the successes (and failures) of a single industry. We face a new time that can, if we let it, give us gifts, open our eyes and redefine how we live each day. I believe there is a new dawn ahead, if we can only look for the fingers of light between the trees.

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