It was a hot day, full of time to work, accomplish, cross items off my list. But when my sister suggested I could spend half of it with her, I didn’t think twice.

Hairdresser, retail returns, lunch from the deli. I drove the streets of our childhood, sun beating through my windows, knowing there was no task more important.

I am one of those ponderous people who contemplates the meaning of it all. I teach my children that every person is put on this earth to make a difference.

Someone I admire has said many times that a person either observes or does. I’m not sure I entirely agree (I think one can do both). I haven’t written a blog all week because I’ve been entrenched in life.

This weekend, we will have our hands in dough and pull apples from trees. On Monday, I will feed a large family, glad simply for the opportunity to be all together and the wisdom to sit in the moments.

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