I am honored that anyone reads my blog. Although I’ve been writing Nourish Cafe for four years now, I am still surprised when I hear from people that they read me – especially given the dearth of comments.

Yesterday, I received a comment via email from someone I had no idea reads my blog. I can’t quite figure out what he was trying to say – at points it was flattering, at points it was critical, at points it seemed like he was dissatisfied with his own life and not sure how to fix it. Regardless, the tenor of his comments reminded me of a couple universal truths that I wanted to share here:

1. A blog is a public journal. A person who writes a blog does so to share with the world their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

2. Anyone who writes in any medium chooses what details to include, how to frame the story, and what to keep private. The story you read is never the whole story, anywhere.

3. Every individual on this planet chooses what they expose themselves to. No one has to read any particular outlet. I imagine people who read my blog do so because they are a) friends and family, b) opponents in some way looking for dirt on me, c) my ex’s family or legal team, looking for evidence to use against me, d) in the writing world, religion world, faith world, food world or other topic I write about with great passion looking to learn something, or e) bored.

4. We all judge, and we all make choices. In the end, though, no one has to answer to anyone but themselves.

5. In life, there are certain universal truths: do not kill; do not steal; etc. People do them anyway, even if they know it’s wrong. And for every individual, there are other Rights and Wrongs, according to personal standards and mores.

I started this blog in lieu of opening a cafe. That was what I really wanted to do, four years ago, before I started my marketing company, Your People LLC. As a single mother of three very young children, I wasn’t in a position to open and run a restaurant.

I called this Nourish Cafe because that is the type of eatery I envisioned opening – a place with food to nourish the body and warm the soul and programs to do both as well, bringing people together through art, word, and song.

I anticipated that this blog would be an outlet for me to explore the topics that are important to me and a way to get myself writing on a regular and consistent basis. I never really expected it to be a place that people would use against me – but anyone who puts themselves in the public eye should expect to field critical feedback.

Listen – I love to write. I’ve been doing it since I was five, toting a corduroy journal. I am going to continue it for it’s my life’s talent. It’s the core of who I am – communicating, streaming words together to make them sing. I am thankful that you’re here, reading my words, but you don’t have to. I’ll write anyway, even if no one is here to read it.

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