Priorities Out of Whack: Final Election Rant

As a nation, we should be ashamed of ourselves for how our election process goes. 

Thus far, our candidates have raised a collective total of $1.816 Billion in campaign financing. That’s despicable. Think of how that money could have otherwise been spent: eliminating our national debt, helping homeless people find homes, feeding the hungry, paying our teachers what they deserve. The list goes on.

And we have endorsed, supported and otherwise turned a blind eye to the amount of time and money spent trying to elect a leader of our nation. We are all culpable here, not just the candidates.

We have wasted time arguing and nitpicking, pointing fingers and assigning blame. 

It is a difficult job to run a country. Think of how many average Americans have trouble balancing their own budget. (Do I need to inform you about the credit card habits and debt most Americans live on?)

Think of how hard it is for communities to run efficiently – to repair roads, to deal with abandoned houses. And that’s just the tip of it.

On my street, there is a horrible eyesore, a house that fell prey to fire (word on the street is that it was homeowner-inflicted arson) last winter. Nearly a year ago. The house still half-stands there, burnt out in some areas, hugged by police tape, abandoned.

Do you think I want that on my street? Of course not. But it takes forever for the city to go through its checks and balances to resolve the issue and, word has it, eventually (soon!) knock it down and rebuild for a new family to get a fresh start.

If one specific problem takes that long to resolve, imagine the work behind the bigger ones.

I’m not sure how best to do it, but I know we need to set firm and fast limits. Forget all this big-bucks spending on getting someone elected. Use that money for better purpose.

Stop the name-calling and finger-pointing. Just do your job. Rise to your highest self. Talk about how YOU can do a good job, what your plans and ideas are, to work together for all of our benefit.

It has never been a solid argument to say that you’re the best candidate because you hate the other guy. It’s a Kindergarten argument and frankly, my kids were nicer than that when they were struggling over sharing toys.

Alright, I’ve said my peace. I want big campaign reform and I want big reform in general. I’m sick of our priorities being so out of whack. I am not proud of being part of a country where the ugliest side of us is the side that gets the most attention.

Surely we can do better? Now go vote. And then let’s get on with making the world a better place.

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