Practicing Non-Attachment

If you listen closely, you hear the messages the universe is sending.

They show up in the words you read, the lyrics on the radio, the words a friend says which seem casual in passing but really carry deep meaning. It’s no coincidence. I dont believe in coincidence. I believe in dharma.

So what I’m hearing today is all about not being attached – to outcomes, to emotions, to other people’s comments, to difficult situations. Let it all go. Seriously. Let it all go.

Let the day take you like an ocean wave. See where you end up. Because it is all good.

One of the things I learned in India, which seems like a no-brainer, is that you can’t bring expectations with you on vacation. They have no place in your suitcase.

Going to new destinations is all about exploration and discovery and adventure -not replicating what you know from everyday life. For if we never step out of our comfort zones, how will we grow?

This morning, I realized my iCloud was super-full with backups. I recently upgraded to a new iPhone, and the old one had been backed up beforehand so I could load all my apps and saved items to the new phone. So two phones worth of backup were on the cloud – crowding the storage space, edging new material out.

I deleted the old phone backup. Clean sweep. Just kicked it out.

For a minute, I worried that perhaps I had deleted all my photos, even though they are on the new phone. I don’t know – sometimes things live on the cloud rather than on the device.

And it was a freeing moment in the shower this morning when I accepted that I just have to be not attached to the outcome. If they were gone, they were gone. Oh well. Life goes on. Photos are recordings of the past and while we cling to them and reminisce, they no longer exist. We have only this moment, this day.

Yes, I was relieved when I saw that the new backup made it to the cloud and all my photos are there.

Funny how we cling to what we have, to what we know. Funny how it’s such a security blanket when it’s really an illusion.

The idea that we “have” or “own” anything is funny, isn’t it? Do we really claim ownership to this world? Or are we just moving through it to the best of our ability, striving for meaning and connection and to make a difference and leave a legacy?

I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. Still, I like it when I buy the new pair of fancy shoes or the snazzy necklace. It feels like mine. And when the beads break all over the closet floor, I take an emotional hit.

But it’s just temporary, it’s fleeting. In the end, we move through the swells of discomfort and the euphoria of comfort and come out just fine, unwavering, steady, the same, maybe better for having weathered the perceived storms and emerged onto dry land.

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