Political Armchair Quarterbacking

I watched the whole debate last night and while I hear from today’s media that the Republican candidate “won,” I have to say I’m sick already of the rhetoric.

I’ll put it on the table at the start of this blog: I am a Democrat and I believe wholeheartedly in President Obama.

With that out of the way, the real issue I want to talk about is how so many everyday folks think they can judge, determine and otherwise sound off on how a person should run the country. Yes, I know it’s our right and our responsibility as voters and citizens, BUT how close have YOU come to being able to lead the most powerful country in the world? Where did you determine your economic and legislative expertise?

The President inherited a veritable mess. The eight years of W ran us into the deepest hole we’ve ever seen, and in walked a new man with hope, energy and optimism to turn our country around. You don’t spend dozens of years creating a military, economic and educational mess only to resolve it in a scant three years in office.

Real change takes TIME. In every realm: be it building business, resolving political quandaries, or overhauling an educational system. These are BIG issues. Why would anyone think a single individual could wave a magic wand and make everything perfect in the first three years in office?

Life isn’t like that. Nothing lasting or meaningful happens overnight. Nothing.

And it is not the President’s fault for the mess we’re in.

I’d love to change our educational system, but I can’t do it alone. I could devote the rest of my life to advocating for change in our schools, but it would come at the expense of my own business and family. I have clear, solid ideas, and I can identify what I believe is wrong with the way our country educates our youth. But if you think I could change that in the blink of an eye – or even in four years – you’re crazy.

And that’s just a single issue.

Think about what it takes to be a leader of the magnitude of the United States President. It requires vigilance and intelligence, cunning and innovation, excellent management skills and a selflessness that none of us really understand. To subject yourself to scrutiny, to go on the record as wanting to, believing in and having the gumption to make a difference on such a grand scale – it takes a pretty special kind of person.

I have long hated candidates who run on a platform of finger-pointing, skewed statistics and blame-game. That’s what I’ve seen from Mr. Republican. I positively started crying after seeing three TV commercials in Colorado for him, followed by one for POTUS. His were skewed, skewering, lacking fact, while the President’s was compassionate, well-researched and full of verifiable, credible footnotes.

This is a big job to undertake. We are a big country to run. Our footprint impacts the entire world.

Our globe is in a state of chaos these days. (Well, when isn’t it?) More than a handful of countries have declared bankruptcy, wars have been raging endlessly for a decade or longer, so many people have nothing to eat. There are many, many problems to resolve.

As I tell my 10-year-old activist son, you make change one step at a time.

If you’re one of the finger-waggers who blames the President for all the ills of our society, I beg you to put all of this in perspective. Could you do a better job? Could you even do the job at all?

Big problems take time to resolve. Time, and passion, and clarity. Not finger-pointing. Not name-calling. No blame here. Just hard work.

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