Personal, Not Business

“It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.”

That’s the first line of Compassion, a chapter in the ground-breaking Seth Godin e-book, What Matters Now. The one-page chapter was written by Mitch Joel, president of Twist Image and author of Six Pixels of Separation.

The point is – if we spend more than half our lives at work, working, being drones to the boss-man, why wouldn’t we want to make it personal?

I sure as hell do.

I haven’t worked for myself for 12 years for nothing. Many times, I’ve wondered whether it might be easier to collect a paycheck from someone else, punch a time clock, do the tasks set before me.

But no. Isn’t one’s vision for work and life about the merging of the two? The way you want to spend your days? The QUALITY OF LIFE?

If your work doesn’t afford that, whether monetarily or with the amount of time it gives you – or hell, you give yourself – you’ll never get there.

“It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.”

Be compassionate to everyone no matter the level of connection. “If we’re not compassionate to one another, what’s the point in the end?”

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