Perfect Quiet: Mackinac Island

On an island with nothing motorized

absolute quiet

and the sound of waves crashing

against land at every turn.

I take a bike around the 8-mile perimeter and keep


to marvel at this natural beauty.

How did I get so lucky to be born

in such a beautiful place?

Tall trees fragrant

in pine and birch and maple and

the profound fresh water

in so many shades of blue

the rush of crushing waves

in and out and back again

they don’t care aren’t affected by the stupidity of humans

worry and wonder anxiety and angst all gone

on the wings of the wind.

When I am Up North, life is perfect

life is absolutely beautiful

I take off my sunglasses to see clearly

the color and texture and the air

kisses my skin, the sun energizes my soul

the clear sky with only angel wings lapsing

along to disturb the perfect blue.

Cairns around every bend

(not only used as a symbol of Zen Buddhism of the power of the rocks, stacked in perfect order, never falling, all in balance, but also for navigation)

I’m serious they were all along the shoreline photo 4of the entire 8 miles.

The night so perfectly black

and quiet I can see

through the waves to the depths

it is all clear up here

I want to bring the kids and set us all free

on 8 miles of biking


Mackinac Island Public Library – full of color, the color of the lake and the sky. Words leaping off pages. Art arresting my eyes.

On the way up, we lunched at Applebee’s in Bay City

beside a strip mall of Kmart and discount shops and vacant spaces.

It felt sad inside the restaurant

dark dismal devoid of character

everything tasted the same

a young woman opened the door for guests

coming and going

did you have a nice lunch she asked

we said yes anyway and she said great,

Message in a bottle, on the last night of our trip to Mackinac Island.

have a good day

and closed the door again.

We drove on

but she stayed.

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