I can’t help but get choked up.

800 students standing around the flag pole, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, wearing the colors of peace, blue and white (ironically, also the colors of the state of Israel…but I will save that for another blog), and 4 students read the languages on the peace pole – English, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew – all students from Norup International School, a place where differences become common ground for friendship.

Yesterday, the students at Norup – including my 3 children – marched around the school in the annual Peace Parade. I marched with them, and when Sarah Fairman, the IB coordinator at Norup, spoke about how peace begins with these children, that the world will be better for what they are learning and putting into action, I couldn’t help but swipe away tears.

It’s cliche to say that the children are our future, but it’s true. When my eldest son, Asher, argues ardently with his brother about how yes, you can cut down a tree branch, but if you, it’ll hurt the tree, like cutting an arm off a person, I know that passion and that consideration for our world will make a significant difference in the future.

I am so proud of the school my children attend. It’s populated by people who care, who want to make a difference. And it feels like home. Every parent reaches that moment when he or she walks into a school and says, “This is where my family belongs.”

I like the values of our school. I like the way curriculum ties across genre to relate everything my children learn. I like that there are a variety of ethnicities, races and religions in their classrooms, that it’s not all a sea of Caucasian faces. I like that they don’t even see those differences.

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