Parenting Without a Map™…and other new endeavors

Once, when I was a new mom, I remember feverishly leafing through the pages of a parenting book late one night, illuminated only by the light in my closet and the wail of my infant son expressing his displeasure. I had no idea what bothered him nor how I could fix it and it turns out that nothing I stumbled upon in the hefty book on my lap could light my way.

That’s the thing about parenting. And frankly, about life. There is no road map. It’s all about being here, right now, and settling into the moment, which brings clarity, resolution, and ultimately peace.

Success comes from putting one step in front of the next and living each moment fully. With that in mind, I am excited to announce several new endeavors under my flagship brands:

1. Parenting Without a Map™. I’m thrilled to launch this new workshop and parenting coaching segment of my business. We are now booking seminars under the PWAM brand and I’m working on the book, all of which are designed to empower parents to trust their inner voices to build the best relationship with their child. Let me know if you’d like to book a session or a seminar.

2. Write in Halifax this summer! Finally, I can announce an August 2012 writer’s retreat with yours truly in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dates and details will be available next week, but space is limited so we can really dig in and work on each participant’s writing. Let me know if you want to come! (You can register today with a $100 deposit to hold your spot.)

3. Writing Your Life workshops. This inspiring 2-4 hour seminar helps get the creative juices flowing and is open to any level of writer. I am in the process of booking this seminar alongside 2 others – Parenting Without a Map™ and Marketing Made Easy – across the country. We have a few dates open!

It’s such a gift to add wonderful clients to my Your People roster – like Karma Yoga, which yesterday became a client – and simultaneously work on exciting new projects like these. Plus, I am in the final stages of writing the manuscript for Holy Breads, one of three books yet to debut this year.

Jump on board, and join the journey. There’s room for you. After all, the journey IS the destination, isn’t it?

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