Relishing the Goodbyes

Some relationships last a lifetime. Some are intended for a defined period of time. And when that time ends, it’s important to say goodbye with grace.

It can be a business move or a personal thing, but either way, saying goodbye doesn’t have to mean failure. In fact, knowing when to quit shows a huge amount of poise.

I had a friend who, over the years, came in and out of my life. There were times as silly little girls when we were buds and other times when we just followed different paths. And then as adults, we found our way back to one another for a while.

But things change. Life gets in the way. We always make our choices and sometimes they don’t mesh with the people around us.

Addicts find that when they get sober, a lot of the relationships they had depended on their own dysfunction. Get clear and functional and suddenly, those relationships are poison.

It’s OK to mourn the loss, to reflect on all the shared moments, but really, as all the philosophers say, what already happened is dead past and all we have is the present.

Today, there is abundance. Really. Whether you see it or not, all is good. All is well.

Work, personal life, family, even the weather. It’s all good. I can’t repeat the mantra enough. It’s all good.

The past, too, was an important precursor that laid the groundwork to take us to RIGHTHERERIGHTNOW. There must be respect for that past, even with the bumps and twists and mistakes. Seriously, the mistakes are probably the most important!

So what is it that’s gnawing at you on this Friday the 13th? What woke you in the night and had you ruminating between the sheets? What is there that keeps you feeling dissatisfied?

Because the answer should be…nothing. Nothing at all. In this moment, and only this moment, you are breathing, you are whole, you are at the dawn of a new day – literally and metaphorically. 

Right now, what I see from my view is: clear blue cloudless sky, the vibrant green of my neighbors tree above the roof, my beautiful children with their soft satin skin and beatific smiles, and a day ahead stretching out with possibility for me to do anything, be anything, accomplish everything.

Life looks pretty damn good from where I sit.

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