Respect and pray on nature backgroundWhat a different day today is.

I barely slept. I watched the returns come in, my stomach knotted, my head buzzing, unable to accept the outcome of this election.

How could this happen?

Better yet, how could we let it happen?

On Facebook, tons of people are chiming in that Hillary blew it, Hillary was a bad candidate, blah blah blah. Clearly, the American populace believes this. Otherwise, why would a megalomaniac sociopath have won the highest office in the land without a shred of track record, dignity or intelligence on the campaign trail?

Who knows. In this brave new world, I may be shot for writing this blog. Or maybe he’ll just sue me like all the other people who’ve pissed him off.

These are the times we are in.

He is like a cat with a ball of yarn and we, our lives, our futures, our children’s futures, are the yarn.

This is our new President.

Satisfied? Happy? Think this is America becoming great again?

There is the inevitable mourning period that we are in right now. We will kick and scream and worry about what will happen, how our investments will fare, whether we will continue to have jobs, whether our children will have educational options and more.

And then, we have to do something.

Let good things happenSome of us may surrender to the swirling gale around us and just let it take us on its path.

I am not that kind of person, though. I cannot accept wrong over right. I cannot live in fear and hatred. I cannot give in to the myths surrounding this political madness.

I blame social media for this mess. If we hadn’t built up such a world of illusion, if we hadn’t glued our view to the screens blaring reality shows, if we didn’t take to the streets to proclaim our own glory while hiding our flaws in the darkness behind the keyboard, a candidate like this would not have any sway.

We are all to blame.

We sit behind screens, alone in our homes, boldly thinking we go to new frontiers when in reality we never move an inch.

When in reality, we are afraid, and worried, and blaming everyone else.

On social media, we point fingers. We say others are responsible for our lot in life, our pain, our disappointment.

It has to stop.

We have to return to a time of respect and kindness.

My father called this morning and said in a somber tone, “This country was built on everyone getting along. He might surprise a lot of people.” He said he is hopeful. He said he doesn’t believe this will be a repeat of Germany in 1933. He said we as Jews don’t have to be worried about increased anti-Semitism.

I responded that I hope he’s right, but that anti-Muslim sentiment, anti-Black, anti-refugee and anti-immigrant is not ok.

Hatred against one is hatred against all.

i love my teamWe must insist on right over wrong, at all costs. We must stand up for what we believe in. We must be part of the rebuilding.

This morning, a Canadian friend posted about how we must double our efforts to love and be loving, to live a life focused on what truly matters. Her post emboldened me, reminded me that good will prevail, although at this moment I cannot see how.

My father said Trump’s acceptance speech was not the angry, stupid rhetoric of the campaign trail. He said it bolstered his confidence in the outcome. He said he believes we as a nation will heal.

I hope he’s right.

We have a new President and this ugly election cycle is finally over. It has been a tumultuous, ugly two years.

Last night, the American people voted against the system as we know it. They voted for drastic change.

I hope we can all heed that request and make this country what it needs to be – to lead the world, to secure a safe, meaningful future, to heal the planet.

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