Not caring what people think

I truly believe there is enough work to go around and everyone, everything, is good at the core. Somewhere deep beneath the layers of insecurity and ballast, there is truth and wisdom and perhaps a shy child wishing not to be seen.

Sometimes I fall prey to the trappings of my childhood, where surface and what others thought of me, of us, mattered. It is a dark hole full of damp and echo.

And then I remembered: there is only this moment. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has yet to be born, and so we must focus entirely on where we are at this moment in time if we are to succeed. Not everyone will like me. Not everyone will choose me. But there are enough who will and who do and that is sustaining in itself.

But that’s not even the point.

The idea of focusing on what is present is crucial because that is the only way we achieve, we succeed and we grow. A wise teacher of mine says over and over again, do what you can do, and from doing what you can do, you will be able to do more.

I have somehow entered into a profession where what people think matters mightily. Where you must play the game. But I dare say that authenticity will rule long beyond the surface relationships – one who gets to the core, who means what he says, who has genuine connections, that is the one who will saunter into the sunset.

Is it possible that public relations could be about how we face the world? What better way than with honesty, with creativity and with compassion?

I believe heartily that public relations is about telling true stories, about showing what is good in an idea, a product, a person, a business, in sharing the wealth and the airtime and the ink. There is good in everything and everyone, remember, and so public relations shouldn’t be a spin game – it should be a let me just convey the story through a megaphone so everyone can hear it.

Public relations is the stories we tell already – only louder.

In my classes at the University of Detroit, I lecture students about the wisdom of word choice and about choosing rich openers for essays so that they draw the reader in. It’s all the same thing. There is good in everything; it is my job to find it and scream it from the moutaintop.

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