The secrets of life are right there. Can you grasp them? Can you pluck them out of the wind and cling to them in the bright day? Because when you quiet the moments and focus, you’ll realize you know everything you need for this life.

When I was a kid, we didn’t run as fast or as much as we do today. My kids are not over-programmed in the 21st century sense of the definition, but it just feels like we’re constantly on over-drive, with more to do, more to check off the list, more things to accomplish before falling in bed exhausted.

It shouldn’t be this way. For better or worse, I watch the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting if only to glimpse a sample of simplified life. Yes, I know, the Christian proselytizing and extreme family size are not exactly paths I plan to follow – but I admire, wholly, their desire to slow down and focus their lives on what is meaningful to them.

How many of us do that?

How many of us bake bread with our children, filling the house with the scent of warmth, of yeast and flour rising? How many of us notice the colors of the sunrise, or the sunset out the bathroom window while the children relax in the bath? How many of us listen to the words of the books we read at bedtime?

My eldest son wants to write a book together – wouldn’t that be a better pursuit than meeting deadlines and racing to get into the classroom before the bell?

And how many of us live within our means? I’m not just talking financially here – though that’s a whopper for our society. I’m talking physical, spiritual, emotional, social, too.

Have you ever stopped to define the life you want to live and mapped it out so it happens? Client and friend Deborah Williamson is great at this – she’s all about, what can you do Right Now, with tools you already have, to get one step closer to your ideal?

Tell me how you do it. I’m getting close, but I’m not quite there – although I hear that saying it out loud, and putting it in the hands of the universe, are two great steps to get me closer to my goal.

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