First the airline called to say the flight had been cancelled.

A year in the planning, everyone in the house tied up in webs of anxiety, me exhilarated to leave on an adventure, and then it was just cancelled. No explanation. No what’s-next.

Until the second call, explaining that we’d been rerouted and everything was back on. A little finagling and we landed better flights, closer to our original itinerary. Nothing like last minute harry-carry to get a trip started right.

I snuggled into the basement couch with my kiddos around me and watched the Beatles special from the DVR until everyone descended into exhaustion-induced bickering. Bedtime. (Did I tell you I’ll be visiting the Beatles’ ashram in northern India? Stay tuned…)

Tucked them all in, gave many kisses, and retired to our own room.

The night was a swirl of movement, little sleep, odd dreams.

Whenever something big is coming, long-awaited plans, real life stands still until it’s Time.

And now it’s time. I’ve planned and packed and made everyone around me ready for this adventure. And I get to leave on a jet plane like the campy song, dally in foreign airports sampling food that looks good just because of the lilt of the script in another language, and let go of expectation for two weeks to rediscover the root of all.

I have big plans for this trip. It’s not just to discover a part of the world I’ve never seen, and it’s not bent on the work that lies ahead, for I’ll be blogging, posting and taking pictures for my lovely client.

The real work is in the silence.

The exploration. The discovery of self that always happens in a foreign land.

I want to realign my business goals, and my personal goals, so that when I return I have a new perspective.

I can’t wait to do yoga every single day so that when I return, it has become a habit, a way of life, and everything else will file around that priority.

I can’t wait to immerse in how other people live just to reflect poetically on how we live, and whether everything we do and have and want is truly necessary.

So I’m leaving tonight, but I’ll still be here every day, filling you in on the sights and sounds and discoveries…and rediscoveries. Can’t wait. The leaving always brings us back closer to home.

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