Laughing All The Way To The Bank

I’m laughing this morning. And for those of you who know me, you know that is not a common occurrence. Here’s why.

 A month or two ago, college-age cousins of mine took ME to task for being so into Facebook. I let them know why I, the eldest cousin with the biggest mouth, have every right to be on Facebook. I told them that the key to any success is evolving and that’s exactly what has to happen with Facebook, which they insist began as a network of college students and should remain so.

(Of course, when Facebook started, these particular opinionated cousins of mine were in high school…)

This conversation started because my 70-year-old father (who still plays hockey, thank you very much) joined the FB craze. What’s the big deal, I ask?

There is a light-hearted way to look at this – as in, Mom and Dad, please don’t encroach upon my territory. And a serious one: the hipper and savvier you are, the further you’ll go – in business and socially.

I use Facebook to market my business and my clients, and to connect with friends new and old. The lines are very blurry these days – the two shall meet frequently and vociferously.

Today, I reconnected with a high school friend via Twitter. (Yes, I tweet and I’m not too old to know that this verb usage is not offensive slang!)

It seems that all paths serve to connect past, present and perhaps, future. Don’t fight the current. Let it take you along its way.

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