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Saw The Lorax 3D yesterday and yes, since I’m such a sap, I teared up at the ending, when they quoted from the book, “unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.”

When all the messages the universe sends me converge, I know I need to pay attention. My next Metro Parent article and first hosted Children, Youth & Families TV show are both about screen time, or the dangers of letting kids (and us) watch too much of anything. I already know this, and I’ve long limited my children’s access to back-lit screens (TV, computer, iPad, and more) because I instinctively know that too much means too little of everything good.

Apparently, there’s research to back up my craziness. And in interviewing some of the experts, I lost the edge of my fluffy cloud about this new Seuss movie. Yes, there is too much consumer marketing around a movie/book that’s essentially about not ruining the environment and the beauty of the world by creating too much and pushing people to buy, buy, buy.

(It really pissed me off to see an ad before the movie about a car that was awarded the “truffula tree” designation. As if any car could HELP the environment? Come on.)

Last night, Shaya inspired us to pick runes. Do you know runes? You should. If you believe in karma, it’s a good gauge for where you are and where you’re headed.

The idea of the universe sending us what we need, when we need it, and having perspective, was clear as the day. (Well, as yesterday; it’s pretty rainy and gray this morning, though the scent of the rain reminds me of spring.)

Shaya picked one to tell him about how he’s going to handle my 10-day trip (going to Bali with Debbie Williamson).  He picked one that signaled adaptability and told him challenges are a good thing. Eliana picked one to tell her how to deal with going to school when she doesn’t want to. Her signaled listening to both the conscious state and what is hidden within, what’s behind her apprehension about school.

And finally, I’m realizing that the paths we take really do bring us full-circle. More than ever, I am writing for my clients amidst all the flurry of energies to get them noticed. Be it blogs, website copy, or other uses for the words, I am reminded every day that storytelling is the key to building relationships and building business.

So what’s your story this gray morning? I dropped off the kids at school and walked back to the car in the rain. It was coming down harder than when we’d hopped out and run across the muddy grass toward the door.

I kissed the kids beneath their hoods and wished them a good day. Asher’s started stressfully, and Eliana does not want to go on her field trip. Only Shaya was supremely happy, but he awoke at 5 a.m., so come mid-afternoon, he’ll be too worn to focus.

And as I retreated to the car, I felt like trading my cowboy boots for sneakers and taking a jog in the raindrops. I knew it wouldn’t be comfortable or warm, that I’d shake with cold and become drenched if I did so.

The opportunity to turn my face to the sky and taste the rain sounded better than anything else I could have planned.

The scent – of spring coming, of trees and dirt and soothing rivers, of rebirth and renewal and all things good – enveloped me. I love a walk beneath the trees after a good long rain, when the branches shake their remaining drops and remind you that we are not impenetrable.

But I didn’t run. I have things to do and people to please. Another time, another day. Perhaps I am saving the run for the trip ahead, when I can fully be in the moment instead of juggling tasks and checking off lists.

I have this feeling that every day should be a moment-to-moment experience. I haven’t yet figured out how to get there, but I’m sure as hell trying.

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