It’s Really Hard to Trust People

You might call me gullible. Naive. Idealistic. I trust people. I give the benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty. I don’t judge people until they demand judgment. I assume the best.

Which is why it is remarkable to me that in 2 months of house-hunting, we have encountered more unscrupulous practices than in the past 2 years. The most recent offense is by far the worst.

We looked at house. We loved it, made an offer, they accepted, they sent over paperwork, we revised and sent back. They were so communicative for 3 days running. Until they weren’t. No response to email. No response to text. And I knew something was up.

Even though the inspection was planned for Monday, and even though we’d told the kids (our mistake) that we were moving there, the sellers finally called and said, “Oh, so sorry, but we let someone else come through our house last night and they just had to have it and they’re offering way more.”

Even when I tried to counter, they were adamantly opposed. House purchases fall through all the time. Shit happens. I’m not upset about that.

What bugs me is the lack of character, the simple phone call, email or text – “Hey, we’re letting someone else see it, just wanted to let you know.” Simple communication. It’s easy, so easy, and it’s the right thing to do. But to keep us in the dark and not respond for several days – it’s sneaky, it’s dark, it’s just plain mean.

And on the other side – we were set to close a deal to sell our house to what seemed like a nice family. Until we had to negotiate. And then they were horrible. Nickel-and-diming, preachy, demand after demand after demand – when I would lose money on selling this house. Who do they think they are?

It was with great relief that I told them, Sorry, I don’t want to sell to you. You’ve been too nasty. I had to say it. Because people need to know that some behaviors are just not ok.

So we’ve realized that the universe is sending us a message, loud and clear. Stay in your house. Just BE for a while. Make it your home. When the time is right, you’ll easily find the place to go.

I’m fine with that. And by the end of today, I’ll be fine with the fact that so many people in the world are cowards.

And next time – whether in business, or selling a house – I will trust my instincts and listen to that little voice inside me, because it’s always absolutely right.

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