In the Year that I am 40

Well, it’s begun. On June 18th, I turn 40 – and rather than lament the unfortunate passing of time or worry about the advancement of wrinkles and wattles, I have decided to take the birthday by the horns.

In the year that I am 40 – and really, beginning this month prior – I will do 40 things that make the world better. And here in this blog – fodder for a future book – I will chronicle the choices I make and the people I meet along the way.

Months¬†ago, I outlined categories of causes that I’d like to help: children, our food system, the Jewish community, the empowerment of women, the environment. Now I begin the task of narrowing down to specifics each category so that I can donate money, donate time, and otherwise pursue the ways in which I can contribute to a brighter world.

On Tuesday, Dan and I signed up to participate in Team In Training. For the next five months, we will train to hike Zion National Park in Utah, raising money for Leukemia Lymphoma Society. So many people in my life present and past have been touched by one of these diseases – and other life-threatening diseases, too. I feel blessed that I can do something to deepen the research and expand the treatments so that more people can be cured.

This is the first, and perhaps the biggest, undertaking I will chronicle during my year of being 40. And there are so many more to come. I will volunteer in my children’s school, teach families about healthy foods, empower children and in other ways make my community – locally, regionally, and globally – better.

I hope that this process will make me better, too. Join me on the journey! (The title of my blog – Nourish Cafe – seems even more poignant now…)

Yours truly, Lynne

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