I am so impressed with Lisa Paskel, owner of Yoga Shelter. Yesterday, she participated in the filming of a new CW show H8R at the Studio City, Calif., studio, for a reality show that takes everyday people who proclaim a hatred for a celebrity and pair the two up so they can come to like and know the celebrity in real time.

“People are so filled with judgment and hate before they even know somebody,” says Paskel. “To take the time to get to know somebody – whether it’s a celebrity or an everyday human being – that’s so important. It’s easy to be a hater and not treat people with respect.”

I’m speaking today at Hannan House for NEW Detroit about best practices in marketing, and the main thrust of my talk will be – set for yourself a higher purpose.

That’s the best practice anyone can do in any field. When it comes to marketing, if you’re driven by a sense of purpose, of higher ideal, of meaning in life, your work will be directed with integrity and authenticity and you will do well for your client and for yourself.

If we focus on helping people, on contributing to the world and making it better, we can’t go wrong. We can’t be broke. We can’t screw up. We can’t be lonely or afraid or pissed off.

Today, the sun rose over the mounds of snow bright and pink and beautiful. I am lucky in this life, to have people to love and clients who trust me with their mission and their purpose. There is no better purpose than to shower the world with love and understanding. It’s a good life.

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