“Until I came to Saskatoon, I had never lived in a small community. People actually bring casseroles to people.” — Marina Endicott

It was over coffee at my kitchen table this morning that I read the review and interview with this Canadian novelist. I have a sort of fascination with and affection for Canada and Canadians in general and so, having not read this new novel, I was curious. Cup of coffee, yesterday’s Wall Street Journal open on the table, and it was one of those morning moments I’ve been hoping for every single day: quiet, peaceful, inspiring.

Maybe the book is good and maybe it’s not. What grabbed me more about this article was the assertion that the author is in her second career – first, having been an actor, and now as a novelist. Her husband, too, is in a second career – first he was a poet, and now he is an officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Choosing how we live our days is such an important decision – and yet, so many of us fall into career paths, go-nowhere jobs and just things to do by distinction of not making a well-thought-out decision.

WSJ: You’re married to a Mountie. Is that as romantic as it sounds?

ME: Yes, it totally is. It’s more romantic than you can imagine.

Ah, romance. Isn’t that the relief to frustration I felt, last Sunday night, up until after midnight making chicken soup and brisket for the Passover holiday the very next day, and then the love I felt for Dan the next morning, since he let me drift off to sleep while he waited for the soup to cool enough to ladle into containers for the refrigerator?

It’s the imagining, the what-if, the I’ll-make-this-moment-a-little-lighter-for-you. If you are lucky enough to have that, in your work and in your play, then you are lucky person indeed.

And so today. The children and I, still in pajamas, the coffee nearing the bottom of my mug, the windows open and the air cool and brisk with the promise of a warm afternoon. We are going to the park and perhaps hiking through the woods. A day of inspiration, of peace, of enlightenment, and of love.

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