So it’s cold. Big deal. Single-digit temps, black ice, yes, it’s frigid and no one likes to go out in this brisk weather but we have to.

It reminds me of the whole ongoing discussion of perspective. My daughter – so dear and sweet, so strong and tough – will notice the have-not over the have any day. An example: last night, she wailed about not getting dessert. Except I don’t make it a habit to serve sugary-sweet desserts on regular days.

What she did not focus on was the roast chicken drizzled in the fresh-squeezed juice from an orange or the roasted cauliflower which was actually really good. She did not focus on the four of us sitting around the table or the fact that we were warm inside the belly of our home instead of being thrust onto the cold, cold streets.

She’s 5. I get it. Children are at the core gimme-souls whose sole purpose is to learn, grow, develop and enhance at every turn. They don’t yet know about appropriate or glass-half-full philosophies.

But we do. A candle flickers against the backdrop of my computer screen. Dave Matthews on my iTunes insists on his guitar, his voice sweet like honey and soothing as a long sunset.

This week has been an overload of to-dos. I’m getting it done but I’m not getting it done. I haven’t done yoga in two weeks or been to the gym in four. I’m up late and up early. But I’m not complaining.

I have work. I have three beautiful children. I made the space to make home-cooked dinners three nights this week. My sister is doing well. My brother has a new baby and a hilariously cute toddler son.

It will be warm again. It will even get hot.

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