Finding Unity in Disunity

When I am so moved by the swell of the crowd, by a gathering of people who all look different and are so alike in their humanity, I have to share this.

Last Sunday, my husband and I, my daughter and her friend, drove to Detroit Metropolitan Airport to protest the recent Executive Order banning and limiting refugees and immigrants.

And there was a moment when my eyes filled with tears and I almost couldn’t catch my breath. A moment when I felt so overcome by possibility and optimism because of all the good, heart-focused people around me, that I couldn’t contain it any longer.

When I looked around and beside me, I no longer felt scared or alone. I knew that somehow, we will overcome this great divide in our country, this turning point when it’s not only the leadership that I fear, but half the people across this great land who voted our president into office.

We will overcome this dark period in our history. And I pray that one day, we will finally be a nation unified under God, respectful of different beliefs and skin colors as our Constitution purports to  defend. I hope beyond hope that the current state of misogyny and racism will be a distant memory, no longer near the surface of every single day.

On the shuttle back to our car, we were the only four protestors. Everyone else was a traveler home from their flights. All white Christians. All speaking with disdain and wrinkled brows of those horrible protestors who were mucking everything up.

The woman on her cell phone proclaiming to her husband about how awful we were. The couple muttering under their breath about how they’re in favor of “legal” immigration.

I couldn’t take it. I turned to all of them and said loud, “Every single one of us was once a refugee or immigrant, unless you are Native American.”

I will not stand for hatred and stupidity. I will not stand by when ignorance opens its ugly mouth. We must fight for what is right with bravery, courage and truth.

(All photography by Lynne Golodner (c) 2017. Click on each photo to view larger.)

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