As if the initial ascent wasn’t steep enough. Or silent beside the music of a whispering stream and hidden creatures under the ferns and old growth forest rising up from the dust. As if my heart wasn’t beating in my ears.

And when the tree roots cut in diagonals across the incline and I kneed myself up and over to reach yet another step on my way to the summit of Mt. Finlayson, I determined that enough was enough. So what if I didn’t go all the way to the top? I never even swiped my hands in the cold waters of the stream trickle over which I stepped on my way to a place I didn’t yet know.

I was here in the forest in the Goldstream Provincial Park halfway between Victoria and Sooke Harbour, breathing in deliberate gulps and not thinking of anything at all.

It took the prodding of yet more new friends and the comforting chatter of exploratory conversation to take me to the sheer rock faces just beneath the summit. And I do mean sheer, and I do mean rock face, and I do mean scary as hell.

My hands caked with the soot of time from grasping the smooth stones. My bum sliding me down from pinnacle to pinnacle until we returned to the comforting cover of tall trees. It was almost a mirage when we spotted in one direction nothing but view and nature and earth and in the other, the high-rise of quick development and fast money. Even this corner of the earth is being built up.

On my drive back, I almost couldn’t focus on the road for the sheer beauty of the Olympic Mountains across the channel. The hefty covering of snow on their rocky summits, the clear sunlight shining off that sheer white.

Last night, I chose the messenger rune from the velvet sack. I am receiving messages, signals and gifts. A new life unfolding, new lives begin with new connections, surprising linkages directing me onto new pathways. This interpretation from the elementary book of runes.

Expect the unexpected. The message is always a call, a call to new life.

And the phone rang as I traipsed through the gift shop at Butchart Gardens. “Mommy?” It was Eliana. I’m so glad I gave her that cell phone. She called me after awakening this morning and before going to sleep tonight. And thus began a rainfall litany of all she did today – putt-putt, a rented movie, pizza for dinner, a visit to her grandparents. A full day, bookended with my voice and her voice like a channel of deep water and beautiful landscape on either side.

Draw from the well to self-nourish. Exploring the depths, life’s foundations, integrating the conscious with what lies deep within.

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