Bring something edible, I told the women I’ve invited to my celebrate-my-divorce party. Decadent, indulgent, deliciouswe will release the past and welcome the present.

In a week and a half, more than a dozen of my female friends will gather at my house to mark a huge transition in my life – and hopefully theirs. We’ll come together as individuals to create a collective and by doing so, as any community does, offer each other support and encouragement as each of us ventures forward toward the horizon.

I love creating communities. A few years ago, I started hosting brunches for ten of my favorite friends, sometimes around a theme, sometimes just because. I’d whip up decadent dairy delights, hire a waitress to serve and clear, and set the table with my favorite cloth (a periwinkle and floral Indian tablecloth that I bought during the first pangs of labor with Eliana). Sometimes I lit low candles or floated flowers in clear vases.

During that time, while so much in my life was up for grabs and changing, I sought to create a business, something bigger than just me, that would give me work, earn me money, fuel my interest and efforts, and make a difference.

Anytime you build a business, you have to work with existing skills. Paul Saginaw invited me to take part in Zingerman’s entrepreneurs’ club, a fabulous experience where I learned the ins and outs and financials of creating a business.

I assessed market need – What are we missing? What hole can I fill? – and I looked at the reputation I’d already built writing for magazines and newspapers and teaching classes.

It took two years for me to create Your People LLC, an effort to create community for businesses through a new form of marketing. I bring customers close to corporations in real relationships, in real time.

We’re all looking to connect with authentic people and places.¬†Sincere efforts to do so satisfy consumers’ needs and bring new customers, and inspired devotion, to businesses in an honest way.

I’m just getting started so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. I have a few clients already and am hungry for more. I love what I’m doing because I work with fantastic companies and people and I believe in every project. Do what you love…

I love bringing people together in new and authentic ways. As we huddle in our houses, bar the windows and lock the doors, our yearning to connect is evident in the hours we devote to finding “friends” on Facebook, reading and answering copious emails, we evidence our own breathless desire to find another voice, a kind one, that wants to speak directly to us.

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