Community = Come Unity

I’ve been reading a book about Peace since I returned from India, in chunks and bits as I find time each morning. It’s a good way to start the day and focus on Truth.

It begins with a section on cultivating peace within yourself. Then moves to peace within the family. And then it evolves to peace in the world, community. So he begins the chapter with dissecting the word community into come + unity.

Um, so basic. How did I never see it before?

Swamiji says that if we can’t create peace within ourselves or between one person and another, how can we ever cultivate it on a grand scale? He says that disharmony on national and international scales really comes down to person-to-person acrimony.

Simply put, we just can’t get along on a one-to-one scale, and that gets bigger because international politics is, simply, people relating to people.

It’s all driven by jealousy and greed, wanting what the other has, not looking inward and accepting that our path is exactly as it should be.

See that’s the thing – everybody wants what someone else has. It’s her life I want, not mine. Really?

Because your life is yours alone and it’s pretty damn special. Can’t you see it? People are envying you, and you’re off looking at someone else’s good graces.

I’m not sure how we got to this state, but we live in it all the time – rather than up on an elevated plane, which is far easier to attain when you put your heart to it. Free your mind, open your heart.

What REALLY matters?

My ex was giving me a hard time about exactly what minute I would return the kids to him after a vacation this summer. Really, I have no idea. We’ll be driving quite a long way and you know how you get delayed in traffic, with bathroom breaks, to stop for lunch.

So rather than hold tight to MY WAY vs. his way, I gave him what he wanted. Keep them the full day when it’s your turn – I don’t care when they get back. I won’t hold you to minutes.

I freed him and so he can free me. He might or he might not, but I can’t worry about that. It’s his journey to walk, his demons to battle.

All I can do is open my heart and shine a little light on his perceived pain and say, it’s all good.

Because it is.

When I think of communities I’ve been a part of, the come unity perspective doesn’t seem so prevalent. Sad. Because we all want the same things: to be loved, to be heard, to be noticed, to be happy.

Can’t we give that to others? We can focus on all the things that are wrong with them and with us and with life in general, or we can focus on the good. It’s all there, side by side.

Yours for the choosing. Mine for the choosing.

All good. All supremely good.

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