Yesterday, the kids and I took the town by storm. It’s funny how a break for them becomes a break (of sorts) for me.

I mean, I fell into bed exhausted last night, couldn’t even keep my eyes open. And what did we do?

* Facilitate a TV spot at Your:People client Fred Astaire Dance Studio – where the kids had their own dance party with lights and music in the big ballroom. They emerged red-faced and sweaty, happy as could be, and piled back into my car.

* Next, we drove clear across town to check out a site for Asher’s bar mitzvah, the Tollgate Center in Novi. It’s a beautiful spacious working farm with private event spaces, and so of course we had to walk (call it skip, run, delight in the 35-degree heat wave) from parking lot to administrative offices to event spaces. Asher thought it was so warm he left his coat in the car (bad call). The horses on the farm were tall and strong and beautiful to look at, and we could see all the possibility in the barn where his bar mitzvah party will be.

* Then it was the mall – shopping for me, for India; clothes shopping for the kids (and Shaya just had to have that USA World Cup jersey at JCP – and lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, where an hour wait was so worth it because of the pages-long gluten-free menu (boy, was Shaya over the moon).

* And then finally, we got back home in the late afternoon to meet a potential nanny for the coming summer. She was sweet and capable and referred by last year’s nanny, who is off to get an internship this summer instead of returning to us. Turns out the potential nanny is the daughter of someone who works at a business just referred to me to become a PR client. Small world.

After that, the sun was setting behind our house, and we just felt the need to run into the backyard and explore it in the snow.

The snow was deep – so deep that my jeans were wet in minutes. The kids couldn’t help but fall back into the crunchy depths, making snow angels and then snow forts and then piles of snowballs not to throw at each other (so they said) but at the brick wall and the log pile.

What I discovered in my backyard was all the possibility for retreat once the snow melts.

The lattice nook in the far back, beside the falling brick wall, a perfect meditation spot with its quiet and a squirrel prancing nearby. The bushes surrounding a sweet little bird fountain in the middle of the yard.

The neatly piled stack of logs to use in my fireplace, once the chimney sweep deems it user-friendly. The back of the garage, a beautiful plain silent brick wall against which to spin stories and map out plots for pretend adventures.

We couldn’t see the place where Eliana wants a koi pond, due to overgrowth and deep, deep snow, but it’s there and we’ll ponder the possibilities come spring. I’m not sure yet where the chiminea will be, but I know it’s coming.

So much possibility, right in my own backyard. The perfect end to a steady, full day.

And even though I wasn’t working in the traditional sense, it was a different kind of work, the kind where you explore and connect and discover unexpectedly, and fall into sleep at the end of the day, content in the knowledge that you did your job well and sincerely.

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