How did I get to 11:11 without noticing it? A day flashing by like a streak of light.

It is one of those days. Awakened at midnight by a sick child, who then fell asleep beside me, soundly and long. It was I who laid awake for another hour or two. He seems fine this morning. Well, not 100% but much, much better.

And I am tired. But we soldier on, we parents, we adults who multi-task and multi-focus. I went to Channel 2 with a client, then to the office to collect information to work at home but no, he feels fine enough to play on the iPad here beside me. And I haven’t even meditated yet today.

I had planned to do so as soon as I got back and settled in. And the time flew.

No excuse, I know. That’s life. It unfolds around you regardless of what you attempt to do to control it.

Reminds me of that saying, “We make plans and God laughs.” True, true. We think we are driving the ship, but really we’re not.

We put ideas, notions, feelings out into the world and see what sticks. We think we have a hand in it but often we don’t at all. We try to fit it all into a day and the day evaporates like a dream or a memory or a wish.

Right now, the lights feel really bright overhead and rain has slicked the streets outside. Cars rush past like they always do on a regular workday. It’s amazing, when I come into the office on a weekend, how quiet, mellow, slow the atmosphere is. Same place, different day.

The mail lady is delivering to all the mailboxes at the end of our walk. She sits in her little white truck and barely moves to shove it all into the right waiting box.

My car is parked under the gray sky. Soon we will leave. For when a child is better in the morning, it’s often only temporary and I can tell he needs the couch and a pillow and more rest. Lower lights. Quiet. Meditative silence.

He and I both.

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