Back to Basics…in Food

When you make cottage cheese pancakes with eggs straight from the farm and raw milk, you end up with a glorious yellow color and flavor so full it almost pops in your mouth.

That’s what happens when you get back to the source. And I don’t just mean in food.

I’ve always been intent on making good food from scratch, not only for the health value in using the finest ingredients – but for the exquisite experience of feeling your hands create something nourishing where once there were simply disconnected ingredients.

The hues, the scents, the richness of a tapestry woven from real ingredients, very recently from the source, it’s unique. You cannot copy what is authentic in a believable way. At some point, the truth shines through.

Lately, my family has been making our own bread. We are buying only eggs from local farmers, even in winter. We bought a cow-share so we now consume raw milk. Every Saturday, we buy whatever vegetables we can get from local sources, rounding out the rest of our week with store-bought items.

Yes, it takes a little more work and discovery and creativity. But it is so worth it.

On Wednesdays after school, I make dinner for the kids around 4 o’clock, so we can get to Shaya’s tap class and Eliana and Grace’s ballet class without much commotion. Afterwards, when we are tired and it is dark and sleep looms closer, we gather once again at the kitchen table for a small, nourishing snack before settling in with the night.

Today, I made a family favorite: cottage cheese pancakes. So simple, and yet so delicious. Nutritious. Packed full of flavor and experience and warmth. It’s like a mother in a bite – that comfort, that familiarity, that nurturing.

Today’s batch were a golden-yellow hue so noticeable because it was different than all previous batches. Of course, our eggs and milk were different this time. Asher sank his teeth into the first bite. “OH!” he said. “It is SO good.”

All the kids agreed, and asked for more.

The recipe was the same. The kitchen smells of pancakes like any other time.

But the taste, the flavor, the experience, the knowing – they’re all different. Better. Richer.

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